Wedding Band Music Digital and Vinyl Recording

Digitalvinylwedding band musicWedding Band Music Digital and Vinyl Recording
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    Difference between Vinyl and CD sounding?

    wedding band music vinyl and digital

    There are two types of recordings analogue and digital. There are many differences between both.  A vinyl record is an analogue recording however a CD is a digital recording, original sounds that you will commonly hear such as the radio, CDS, phones are digital recordings. How does a digital recording work? When recording on a digital software, the recording will save snapshots of the analogue signals this will happen at a certain rate, the rate at which a CD will be recorded at will be 44.100 times per second. When each note is being recorded it will try being as specific as possible. CDs will be recorded at 16-bit this means the value of the CD must be one of 65,536. For a CD recording to be captured at this rate will means a digital recording is not recording the correct sound wave. To define what this means if a CD is playing at a fast tempo with drum beats or trumpet tones some of the sounds will be destroyed or lost as the sounds are changing too quickly for the sample rate. A comparison of this is for vinyl, would be a group performing wedding band music with a full range of instruments compared to a digital version where they could be missing, for example, a bass guitar.

    Digital and Analogue Recording

    If you have a stereo system at home it will run of a digital recording however if you were to connect this system to an amplifier, the amplifier will raise the voltage of the signals. This will allow the power level to be increased to hear every sound that has been recorded. The way a vinyl work is the grooves that are carved into the record will mirror the original sound. This will mean no information from the recording will be lost. This leads to the vinyl recorders being more accurate and all sounds that have been recording will be rich. This is all good however there are many downfalls to having a vinyl record these include any dust or damage on the disc and this will be noticeable when listening to the sound the problem may be heard over a quiet song or when listening to a song, it may start to jump. Another downfall of a vinyl recorder is the size as it will not be portable, so listening to music on the go would be a problem. If you are a music lover who listens to a song to hear all the rich sounds then a vinyl recording will be better. On the other hand, there are many easier ways to listen to music such as a CD, MP3 or even your phone recording sound may not be as rich as a record, however, will still produce a high-quality sound.

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