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Many businesses choose to investigate options for a cold room to rent, as it is the largest type of purpose-built refrigeration unit available on the market.

It is predominately utilised for commercial purposes such as kitchens and restaurants as well as in the pharmaceutical industry. Cold rooms to rent are widely used by businesses in hospitality especially, standard fridges are not big enough and can be overall less economic and impractical for a busy kitchen.

Cold room to rent are designed to control their internal temperature using hight quality insulation methods to maintain the required conditions. The temperature can be adjusted as required, which is great if you store multiple types of products.

Cold Room to Rent – The Options Available

Choosing a cold room to rent has many benefits for your premises, often providing an excellent return on investment due to an increase in productivity and less wastage.

Integrated Cold Room – An integrated cold room has complete temperature control and is set in your kitchen to blend in with the rest of the style. The specification is designed to fit with most standard kitchens undisturbed.

Freestanding Cold Room – This is a hybrid option between a large fridge and integrated cold room. It is installed separately in your commercial kitchen and can incorporate options such as split unit refrigeration.

Bespoke/Custom Cold Room – If you are looking for a more unique design for your cold room. Most companies will accommodate and make units specific to fit into any location you require. This creates a completely fit-for-purpose cold room to rent that is the exact size and specification you need.

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