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Hot Rolled Steel

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Hot Rolled Steel is a mill process where the steel is rolled at high temperatures (above steel’s recrystallisation temperature) allowing it to be shaped and formed easily in large qualities.

Metal rolling replaced the pre-industrial metalworks and blacksmiths ‘hammer-and anvil’ approach. This allows the creation of metal alloy sheets with much fewer labour requirements. This has fast become the benchmark for mass production of high-quality steel for most applications. The product of rolling heated steel is commonly referred to as hot rolled steel.

Advantages & Applications of Hot Rolled Steel

Hot rolled steel is chosen as the preferred method for cost-effective steel due to how simple the manufacturing process is. The hot rolled steel can be cooled at room temperatures compared to having a quenching in a liquid bath. The helps manufacture high-yield steels in fewer stages.

It is usually cheaper to manufacture than cold rolled steel due to there not being any delays in the process, as reheating the steel is not required.

Hot rolled steel is abundantly used in the steel industry. The most common application for hot rolled steel is in the welding and construction trades, such as on railroad tracks and beams. Hot rolled steel is sued when precise shaping is not required.

hot rolled steel

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Events Company London

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Event management companies London

Are you looking to hold an event in the Capital city of London? Planning and holding an event can be meticulous and time consuming with the success of the event having a positive or negative impact on your brand or organisation.

Hiring the help of events company London can ensure the smooth running and professionalism of your event and enable you to spend your time on other pressing matters.

An events company London can help in many event scenarios from Conference Management, Roadshow event management, awards ceremony management, launch event management, event management services, and event management strategy.

They often have access to a number of digital platforms that include Delegate management systems, event apps, video and graphics production, virtual reality and augmented reality and gaming and gamification.

event management london

When deciding on which event management companies London to work with, it is worth considering the following:

  • Do I have a clear brief to give the event management companies London, so they fully understand what I want to achieve e.g. target audience, location, budget etc?
  • Will they provide me with a proposal of what they feel will work best for my event?
  • Do they have a list of contacts that they work with regularly to ensure smooth running and fair costs?
  • Do they manage the invites and RSVPs?
  • Do they support in the marketing of the event?
  • Do they provide a detailed quote breakdown so I can add or eliminate certain elements?
  • Do they have all the necessary insurance and policies in place?


Once you find the right event company London for you it is worth asking for case studies or examples of similar events they have previously held.

Wishing you the best of success with your upcoming event!