Waterproof Flooring Birmingham

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Spills, mishaps, and grimy boots and paws are all frequent occurrences, and because they may be found in every home and office, it is difficult to totally eradicate them. Having waterproof flooring in Birmingham that you can rely on is essential if you want to be as ready as you can be for these situations.

Waterproof LVT Flooring Birmingham

By stacking several vinyl goods, a form of flooring known as LVT, or waterproof vinyl flooring Birmingham, is created. Every waterproof vinyl floor has a “click mechanism” to ensure that the sides and ends can interlock and snap together. Without using glue or nails, this method holds the boards together and allows them to be linked together.

100% waterproof vinyl flooring that can withstand significant wear and tear is available in Birmingham. It is therefore ideal for spaces in your Birmingham home. Additionally, it is ideal for use in kitchens and bathrooms since it is waterproof.

Waterproof SPC Flooring Birmingham

Birmingham offers Stone Plastic Composite (SPC) flooring, which is incredibly resilient and 100 percent waterproof. SPC is stronger and more trustworthy than other “click” vinyl flooring alternatives because it includes a 1mm underlay built into the base. Stone plastic composite flooring, which has a core formed of a mixture of PVC and limestone powder, is the most durable and long-lasting type of flooring. As a result, SPC is recognised as the best waterproof vinyl “click” product available.

waterproof flooring in birmingham

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Terms used in Forging

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Forging dates back more than 4000 years, it is a skill that has been perfected over time, with more and more improvements being made constantly. There are many terms used in forging, some you may never have even heard of.

We have put together some of the terms used in forging to give you an overview of some you may hear.

Forgeability                 The ability of a metal to be deformed without fracturing or developing flaws.

Forging                        The process of working metal into the desired shape by using pressure in hammers or impact.

Forging dies                Forms usually consist of making forgings, generally consisting of a top and bottom die

Forging quality            superior quality of stock making it suitable for satisfactory forgings.

Form Rolling                Hot rolling that produces bars with contoured cross sections.

Frame                         This is the main structure of the press

Friction Factor             A factor that if multiplied by the flow stress, will express friction shear stress

Hogout                        A product machined from plate stock or a bar or from hand forging

Hot shortness              Lack of ductility when metal is hot

Ingot                            A casting intended for subsequent rolling, extrusion or forging

Knockout pin               A power operated plunger installed in a die to aid removal of finished forging

Liftout                          This mechanism can also be known as knockout

Nesting                        Multiple positioning of positioning in a forging design

Penetration rate          depth rate of working

Punchout                     The metal removed when punching a hole in forging

Rib                               A flat and thin portion of a forging

SAE                             The society of automotive engineers

Sinking                        Machining the impression of the desired forging into die blocks

Station                         A stopping place in the die during the forging sequence

Tooling pad                 Same as a chucking lug


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Cold Room to Rent

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Many businesses choose to investigate options for a cold room to rent, as it is the largest type of purpose-built refrigeration unit available on the market.

It is predominately utilised for commercial purposes such as kitchens and restaurants as well as in the pharmaceutical industry. Cold rooms to rent are widely used by businesses in hospitality especially, standard fridges are not big enough and can be overall less economic and impractical for a busy kitchen.

Cold room to rent are designed to control their internal temperature using hight quality insulation methods to maintain the required conditions. The temperature can be adjusted as required, which is great if you store multiple types of products.

Cold Room to Rent – The Options Available

Choosing a cold room to rent has many benefits for your premises, often providing an excellent return on investment due to an increase in productivity and less wastage.

Integrated Cold Room – An integrated cold room has complete temperature control and is set in your kitchen to blend in with the rest of the style. The specification is designed to fit with most standard kitchens undisturbed.

Freestanding Cold Room – This is a hybrid option between a large fridge and integrated cold room. It is installed separately in your commercial kitchen and can incorporate options such as split unit refrigeration.

Bespoke/Custom Cold Room – If you are looking for a more unique design for your cold room. Most companies will accommodate and make units specific to fit into any location you require. This creates a completely fit-for-purpose cold room to rent that is the exact size and specification you need.

cold room to rent

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Add-ons for events

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No matter the event, celebration or party, the host is always thinking of ways to make it the best it can be! Whether that’s organising the food, planning the dress code or any party games, the DJ and so on, there are always ways to improve your event.

After saying that, we know we are going to be hit with a lot of ‘how do we do that comments’ so before that happens, we will discuss with you how…

Photo booth hire

Hiring a photo booth is the perfect way to entertain guests of all ages for long periods of time. Guests can usually use the booth as many times as they want to and therefore can take photos with everyone if necessary! As well as the entertainment side of things, it saves you money on a photographer or videography and allows your guests to go and take photos when it suits them, rather than a photographer pestering them for a photo every so often.

Photo Booth at Wedding Venue

Light up letters and numbers

LED light-up letters are the perfect addition to any celebratory parties such as birthdays, baby showers and weddings. They add a unique setting that is perfect for photo opportunities and to add that special touch to your event.

Light Up Surname

LED dancefloors

A starlight dancefloor is a perfect addition to a party where a DJ is hired such as a birthday party or wedding. They not only provide the perfect photo opportunity but also intrigue guests to get up and dance as they want to have a feel for the floor.

If you would like to hire any of the products above for your event, please contact us and we will provide you with a list of service providers within your area. To contact us, please visit the contact us page and fill out our online contact form.

Starlit LED White Dancefloor

Hot Rolled Steel

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Hot Rolled Steel is a mill process where the steel is rolled at high temperatures (above steel’s recrystallisation temperature) allowing it to be shaped and formed easily in large qualities.

Metal rolling replaced the pre-industrial metalworks and blacksmiths ‘hammer-and anvil’ approach. This allows the creation of metal alloy sheets with much fewer labour requirements. This has fast become the benchmark for mass production of high-quality steel for most applications. The product of rolling heated steel is commonly referred to as hot rolled steel.

Advantages & Applications of Hot Rolled Steel

Hot rolled steel is chosen as the preferred method for cost-effective steel due to how simple the manufacturing process is. The hot rolled steel can be cooled at room temperatures compared to having a quenching in a liquid bath. The helps manufacture high-yield steels in fewer stages.

It is usually cheaper to manufacture than cold rolled steel due to there not being any delays in the process, as reheating the steel is not required.

Hot rolled steel is abundantly used in the steel industry. The most common application for hot rolled steel is in the welding and construction trades, such as on railroad tracks and beams. Hot rolled steel is sued when precise shaping is not required.


hot rolled steel

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