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Terms used in Forging

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Forging dates back more than 4000 years, it is a skill that has been perfected over time, with more and more improvements being made constantly. There are many terms used in forging, some you may never have even heard of.

We have put together some of the terms used in forging to give you an overview of some you may hear.

Forgeability                 The ability of a metal to be deformed without fracturing or developing flaws.

Forging                        The process of working metal into the desired shape by using pressure in hammers or impact.

Forging dies                Forms usually consist of making forgings, generally consisting of a top and bottom die

Forging quality            superior quality of stock making it suitable for satisfactory forgings.

Form Rolling                Hot rolling that produces bars with contoured cross sections.

Frame                         This is the main structure of the press

Friction Factor             A factor that if multiplied by the flow stress, will express friction shear stress

Hogout                        A product machined from plate stock or a bar or from hand forging

Hot shortness              Lack of ductility when metal is hot

Ingot                            A casting intended for subsequent rolling, extrusion or forging

Knockout pin               A power operated plunger installed in a die to aid removal of finished forging

Liftout                          This mechanism can also be known as knockout

Nesting                        Multiple positioning of positioning in a forging design

Penetration rate          depth rate of working

Punchout                     The metal removed when punching a hole in forging

Rib                               A flat and thin portion of a forging

SAE                             The society of automotive engineers

Sinking                        Machining the impression of the desired forging into die blocks

Station                         A stopping place in the die during the forging sequence

Tooling pad                 Same as a chucking lug


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